Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions you will probably ask yourself.

To begin with, we will describe the main issues, but in time we will complete the list of those that arose during the work.

We will also answer your questions sent to our contact form. Any current questions will be posted here!

How To Buy A Product?

The site is for ads that can be published by individuals and companies,
-for this contact the seller for details and make sure the transaction is correct.
-there will be products that you can buy with direct payment: example PayPal

How To Get Product Support?

We do not offer such support! And we are not responsible for failed deals! read the Terms of Use.

Sell your products here, contact the buyer directly. Our platform will provide you with more views of your ad. We have a good system for automatic posting on social networks!
We have created our own store for the companies.
Make your product with a link for direct payment!

In order to be successful with the sale, you need to pay for the ad to be up to standard and successful.
Browse our offers, you will like it!

We do not undertake inspections for licenses and brands of products, everyone is personally responsible!
We will monitor for products prohibited by law!

Be persistent, follow your ads, change the photos, we will publish your ad on many social networks and local sites!
Make your VIP ad for a better result!
Much depends on what your product is ... everyday or hobby!
We will try to be seen by many people!

Buy and sell fast!
You should review our additional features on the site.
Ad promotion, banner advertising.
It is very important for your business to have a store and use the membership service!

This is the serious side of the site.
You receive prices lower than a regular user and your account will be maintained with preference!
Additional posts on your ad tailored to the topic.!
Now the prices are promotional !!!

We have a banner ad, which is paid extra, depending on the location and size:
-first page (home) -
-all ads -
-categories -
-contact -
-about us -

Prices are on promotion now!

Promote your ad for more sales success! The offered options are:
- TOP -
- VIP-

prices now on promotion !!!

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