Terms and Conditions

1. The present general terms and conditions govern the relations between AREOZY TRADING  Ltd - Cyprus, VAT: 10365816 O, Larnaca, 30 Leonidou  Street and the users of the services on the site www.ads-vip.com.

2.ads-vip.com  is a classifieds site. ads-vip.com is the property of Areozy Trading Ltd. In the present General Terms and Conditions Areozy Trading Ltd. will be identified with its own company ads-vip.com.

3.Any person who has uploaded or redirected to his browser on ads-vip.com should carefully read these Terms and Conditions and if the person does not wish to become a user of ads-vip.com services if he does not wish to provide data and information and access to data and information should immediately leave the site.

4.The users of ads-vip.com agree to receive the weekly newsletter on the site.

5.With the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the site user of ads-vip.com gives his prior consent to receive commercial communications from Areozy Trading Ltd. regarding the services provided through the sites of AREOZY TRADING Ltd. listed in the "Internet Sites" section of  www.bgorg.com

Rules for posting ads at ADS-VIP.COM:

1.Ad headings and texts are written correctly in the language you are

2.It is forbidden to publish the same ad more than once, in several headings or areas.
It is forbidden to publish more than one ad for the same item or service with different descriptions and photos.

3.It is forbidden to publish information that is not relevant to the particular product or service that is the subject of the advertisement. Enumeration in the title or text of additional products or brands offered by the user.

4.Announcements must be published in the most appropriate category and heading. Announcements not matching the item will be moved or removed at moderator / admin's discretion.

5.The title should accurately and clearly describe the product or service offered. It must provide accurate information about its condition, origin, brand or manufacturer.

6.It is forbidden to post any contact information in the titles and description. Including phones, web addresses, skype, and more.

7.It is forbidden to use obscene, offensive expressions, personal qualifications. Texts and photos aimed at damaging the image and dignity of others.

8.It is forbidden to post photos of erotic or pornographic content.
Articles with pornographic content, sex articles, and medications. Such ads will be removed without notice.

9.It is forbidden to post ads on value-added (pulse) phones without explicitly specifying them in the text, as well as their billing tariff.

10.It is forbidden to post web addresses and links to the headlines, photos and content of the advertisements for advertising purposes.
It is forbidden to post links to other ad sites.
Invitation to sign up for other sites is prohibited.

11.It is forbidden to offer goods and services that do not comply with current legislation.

12.Announcements must detail the proposed product or service. It is forbidden to publish false and / or misleading information and photographs. If the product offered is not available or has any additional terms for its purchase, it should be explicitly stated in the ad text.

13.It is forbidden to copy photos and texts from other users' ads, as well as photos with logos on other sites. When posting ads for second-hand goods, it is forbidden to use only pictures downloaded from the Internet. It is required to upload at least one own photo of the offered item.

14.It is prohibited to register more than one account for non-observance of established site policies and unfair competition with other users. Under such practices, advertisements will be suspended and consumers will be penalized.

15.It is forbidden to publish replicas of original goods in the Electronics category.
All advertisements of goods in this category that are replicated or suspected will be removed from the site.

16.Areozy Trading Ltd is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the published advertisements. The entire responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of published advertisements and advertising lies with the person who publishes them. As a result of the posting, the publisher declares that the ads or the ad contain no misleading information.

17.Site administrators may at their own discretion remove or move ads without warning, delete photos when they are in violation of the rules or have a reasonable complaint against them, and take action against their senders. Block users' profiles against whom there are reasonable complaints or suspicions of involvement in fraudulent schemes.

18.The services provided by ads-vip.com are not intended for children. Persons under the age of 18 should use the site under the supervision of a parent or guardian / guardian.

General provisions

1.These General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by Areozy Trading Ltd in order to improve the quality of the services provided and to introduce new ones. Changes may also result from changes in legislation.

2.Areozy Trading Ltd reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and at its own discretion. Changes are placed on the official site's site and take effect from the day of their placement there. The users of the site services are required to check the updates of the Terms and Conditions and to comply with their behavior.

3.For all matters not covered by these General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the applicable state legislation shall apply.

4.Any disputes arising in the relationship between the users of the site services and Areozy Trading Ltd. are resolved by mutual consent and, if not, before the competent courts.