• January 18, 2023 09:58
  • Steel City, Vadakedathukavu, SH 1, Adoor, Kerala 691529, India

Established in 1982, Glidemaster is one of the first professional brands in fire rated shutters in Kerala, India, which leverages the most modern machines and technologies for designing and manufacturing automatic shutters. Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fire rated shutters in India, Glidemaster offers various kinds of rolling shutters, automatic gates, boom barriers, automatic bollards, and more. We provide automatic shutters for commercial spaces, shopping malls, garages, industries etc. Our top-selling automatic rolling shutters include residential fire rated shutters, industrial wider span shutters, automatic high-speed rapid doors, polycarbonate shutters, insulated shutters, glass sectional shutters, and heavy-duty, wider span, light-duty perforated shutters etc. Glidemaster automatic rolling shutters provide high security for your home, office, industrial areas.


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Steel City, Vadakedathukavu, SH 1, Adoor, Kerala 691529, India

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